Kate’s Voice is….









Kate’s voice defines her sound. Her music is best experienced during live performance. The vibratory qualities of her singing voice resonate throughout the venue and can be felt by the listener.


Kate Bopp is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, hand percussionist, and sound healer.

Her melodies are unique while at the same time familiar, like a lullaby you heard in a dream. The interplay between her distinctive singing style and her percussive instrumentation is what makes Kate’s music stand out from any genre. It has been said that “Kate uses her voice as an instrument” and “she plays guitar like a drum.” She possesses an innate sense of rhythm which has been cultivated through dance and intuition. Her hand percussion style is sensually rootsy with a magical feel.


Her stylistic influences include blues, soul, jazz, funk, country, rock & roll, jungle, drum and bass, disco, folk, classical, r&b, world music, reggae, and hip hop. These influences swirl throughout her compositions as wisps of smoke. They do not solidly inform any particular song because Kate has developed a style all of her own.

Kate’s music has been compared to Janis Joplin, Bjork, Kurt Cobain, The Beatles, Etta James, Joni Mitchell, Sade, and Amy Winehouse.

Additionally to voice, guitar, and hand percussion, Kate also has a history of playing drum machines, samplers, turn tables, and homemade instruments.

Personal Aesthetic

Kate is a visual artist, gardener, writer, and co-creator. She practices meditation, breathwork, and martial arts. She is in touch with the spirits of the earth, plants and animals, and the sky above.

An unabashed tomboy, Kate oozes sensuality without artifice. She is buxom, curvy, natural, honest, and intuitive. She prefers minimal makeup, untamed hair, and earth-friendly clothing.

We live in a world where appearance is everything. Kate says: “I vote with my dollar. Sustainability is my responsibility.” She makes a point not to buy any new non-ethically sourced clothing from any major company. She is an addict for vintage and resale. She supports small businesses which produce ethically-sourced natural fiber clothing, and she buys duds made by independent artists or craftspeople.